CCM Unit Inquiry
Add single or multiple chassis number(s) *
* Units: * There is a maximum of 50 chassis that can be entered per search.
When entering or cutting and pasting Unit Numbers into Units box, allowed equipment number formats are:
  No Separator   e.g. UNIT900001
Space   e.g. UNIT 900001
Dash   e.g. UNIT-900001
Separation between equipment numbers must be a comma, a semicolon or a new line:
  Comma   e.g. UNIT-900001,UNIT-900002
Semicolon   e.g. UNIT-900001;UNIT-900002
New Line   e.g.
Unit Movement Search Unit Coop Search Clear
Displays the last 3 moves for each unit. Displays whether the chassis is currently inducted in the pool.